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The next four years, Michael spent behind bars for the crime.

Amazingly, believing he was a changed man, Christine testified at Michael's parole hearing and he was soon released.

* Shot Paul Williams during Chris' attempted rescue. * Was blackmailed by Victor Newman into committing commercial bribery. * Helped to keep a Phyllis look-a-like, Shelia Carter, captured in a cell!

* Found his father, River/Lowell Baldwin and discovered that he has a half-sister, Eden. Current: Attorney Past: Prisoner Past: Genoa City District Attorney Past: Legal advisor to Victor Newman, private practice attorney Past: Legal Partner in Baldwin, Blair, and Associates Past: Partner in Baldwin & Williams Attorneys At Law Past: Ex-con Past: Attorney with Whitman, Walker, and Wilson Law Firm In 1991, we met Michael Baldwin when he appeared as a law mentor to Christine Blair and watched as he found himself obsessed with his young apprentice.

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Caleb had a gaming You Tube channel, where he posted gameplay videos.

As of 2017, nothing is known whether Annie has a boy friend (and there are even no rumors about her suspect boyfriends because of her young age and absolutely childish and sweet image). Her parents started a vlog on You Tube called Bratayley in 2010, where they posted funny and sweet family videos about their life (“Dayley Bratayley” series), their kids, their pets, family holidays, and so on.

Update: However, she was long rumored to be dating ★ Watch HERE: TOP 100 Most Popular Stars ➤ Is Annie Le Blanc her real name? Her real name is Julianna Grace, and Le Blanc is her real family name. They are still active with that channel and they post new videos almost every day, including those about Annie.

Though taking on outside projects, Le Blanc continues to appear on “Y&R” as Michael, who has most recently found himself back in the courtroom representing, and sometimes giving advice to, his client, Lily Winters Ashby (Christel Khalil), as she prepares to divorce her husband, Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard).

The actor is also an artist in his own right, and Le Blanc's beautiful paintings make perfect holiday gifts.

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