Cosmogenic dating group

(4) Chemical Weathering gain and lose materials (5) Geometry Changes rolling and fracturing (6) Elevation Changes tectonism, sea-level change, isostatic movement 12Time Range of Applicabilityl Theoretical time ranges are two or three half-lives. l Laboratory Analysis (1) AMS 14C, 36Cl, 26Al, 10Be (2) Noble gas mass spec.l Secular equilibrium l Geological factors l Analytical limits 13Methodology l Sample Collection (1) What rock/mineral type to sample? 3He, 21Ne 14Applications(1) development of chronologies of Quaternary glaciations (2) dating of late Quaternary volcanic eruptions (3) dating paleolake shorelines (4) dating a terrestrial impact crater (5) paleoseismology 15Limitations and Maximum Utility(1) limited availability of sampling sites and/or samples (2) limited knowledge of production rates (3) complex exposure history due to geological factors (4) long and involved sample preparation (5) limited accessibility of analytical equipment 16(No Transcript) Power is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website.l Very low concentrations of several rare radionuclides can now be routinely measured using AMS and those of stable nuclides by noble gas mass spec.l Less than 1000year to several million years 3Theory l Once nuclides are exposed at or near the Earth surface, they are bombarded by cosmic ray particles.

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Cosmogenic dating of glacial landforms assumes that nuclides are not inherited from periods of prior exposure.

On both Baffin Island and in southwestern Minnesota, we sampled outcrops that had complex exposure histories and used multiple cosmogenic nuclides to decipher those histories.

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