Dating customs in portugal

The groomsman's services are frequently required during the ceremony ; he kneels on a crimson faldstool beside the bridal pair, puts the ring on the lady's middle finger, pays fees when all is over, and scatters small coins among the waiting crowd for charity.Then he gives his arm to the bride, and all go merrily home-wards.If, on the other hand, all goes well, the young man, his parents and relatives, visit the girl's father and make a formal demand for her hand in marriage.A day or two later the betrothal is celebrated, when the lover presents his mistress with a wedding and other rings, which must all be returned should the lady prove fickle. Horatio Brown I says that in the province of Udine a jilt must present her former fiance with a pair of shoes, as compensation for the time he has wasted in fruitless courtship.The Venetian bride walks by the canal side on the compare's arm, in her second-best wedding dress, for only the evening dance witnesses her best display of finery.The bridegroom and the comare follow in their wake, and thus they go to church in procession.In due time the house-father (capoccio), who rules the bridegroom's family, demands the girl's hand for his kinsman, and a feast celebrates the conclusion of the business.A curious piece of conventionality hems in the Tuscan maiden.

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The Tuscan bride wears a black dress, with a white bonnet or cap, while even in the coldest weather she carries a fan.When all is said, Sunday is the only time when the nuptial knot can be tied with any prospect of future happiness for the bridal pair.Saturday is indeed an exception to this rule, but then it is reserved for widows.On the day before the wedding he must send a box of bon-bons, on the top of which is a little sugar baby, to the bride's house, with two bouquets, one of real and one of artificial flowers, and a present of jewelry, a brooch or earrings.It falls to his lot to provide liqueurs and wine for the wedding supper, four candles for the wedding mass, four gondolas to convey the guests to the inn for supper, and satisfy the demands of beggars and children, who cry "Evviva la sposa," at the church door. In Italy the dread of a wedding in May seems to be universal, and in Venice people marrying are very much restricted with regard to suitable days.

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