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On the remainder of the old parking lot a lavish shopping, dining, and entertainment area (Downtown Disney) was being constructed.

To accommodate some of this new development, the oldest buildings of the Disneyland Hotel had to give way.

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The portion of West Cerritos Avenue that had run in front of the Hotel’s Marina Tower was completely eliminated.] What Jack Wrather had affectionately referred to as his “little motel in the middle of the orange grove” soon became a mere memory. Don became interested in the Disneyland Hotel in the late 1970’s — initially just as a guest who enjoyed many stays there.

Don Ballard recognizes parallels between Walt Disney and Jack Wrather.

Both men were innovators and risk takers who were told by “experts” that their ventures in Anaheim would fail.

Johnny, who has been shocking Disney park-goers with a series of events to promote the film – including dressing in full Jack Sparrow costume and hiding himself on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in California last month – disembarked from a Spanish Galleon docked by the castle to tell press how excited he is to come back for the fifth instalment.

Watch interviews with Johnny, Orlando and Javier at the Disneyland Paris premiere "It's endless fun.

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