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TXT ; This file always contains the universal application loader image.POS3-07-5-00.loads ; Universal application loader and application image, 3rd character = 0 for SCCP, and S for SIP.If you want samples just reply and I'll can post them separately.As for the actual firmware, you will need to download from Cisco... 1.) Copy unzipped firmware files into tftp dir using Cisco firmware for 7960 series OS79XX.The phone needs to be upgraded to 7.5 and then 8.12. You will need to change some of the files to reference the correct POS3-XX-X-XX.* files.I would have attached samples to the forum but it's not accepting my file.1 = yes 2 = no6.) Press 2 and the phone goes through the factory reset process.When configuring the phone manually you must first unlock the phone.

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I have checked the advanced logs on the switchvox and no problems and have checked the phone error logs with the only error being "Error updating Locale". I am having the same problem, spent ages checking everything over and over in the config file, do these phones work with Switchvox? Apparently only my softphone x-lite will function...

After going through the manual via Cisco's website I entered all the correct settings on the phone and it reached the PBX and now works well.

I say "well" because incoming calls are intermittent, sometimes calls inbound to my extension do not connect but timeout and go to voicemail. but all of my setting parameters are under Settings Could any one give me some help on this ???

2.) Change the tftp server ip addres back to unless you plan to centrally manage the phones.

You cannot leave the tftp server value blank and is not an acceptable value.

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