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That made her laugh so hard she almost choked on a chunk of meatball. I didn’t want to tell Rachael that my best friend was a stay-at-home mom named Stacy.

My last girlfriend, Michelle, had been suspicious — even after I told her Stacy was engaged.

I have failed at love enough to know that it’s still too early to tell if Rachael and I will be together forever.

If we are, we may have that kind of connection, and if we aren’t, I know Stacy will be there to buy me a beer and call me a dummy.

Just like on Facebook, Twitter’s an even more open social network.

Unless you protect your tweets, everybody can see them; that means your mother, grandmother, and the five girls that you’re seeing at the same time. You can pay some compliments, reply back to somebody, re-tweet something, but it’s really not the place to start a relationship or continue one.

Whenever I talked about her, Michelle’s eyes narrowed, and she looked at me warily, as if she were reading the fine print on a contract that already had her signature.

Now, after Rachael had asked a typical second date question, I stammered.

Never before had Stacy and I ever discussed what it would be like if we dated. She was like an aunt to my son, and I was like an uncle to hers.

My last girlfriend’s insecurity about Stacy drove us apart.

“When we break up, you’ll end up with Stacy,” she’d say when she drank too much. Haven’t you ever thought about what it would be like to sleep with her?

When I finally brought it out in the open, it was all we could talk about — not what it would be like to sleep with each other but gossiping about old flames.

My feelings for Stacy aren’t the puppy love, can’t-stop-thinking-about-you kind I had at one time for my ex-wife or my last girlfriend or what I was starting to have for Rachael after our first date.

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