How to dating after divorce

If you met your ex in college, texting probably wasn’t a thing and Tinder definitely didn’t exist.

Rather than discounting — what you think to be — unconventional methods of finding a mate, consider ditching your ways of the past.

This period gives you time to Self-reflection is so important.

Just because you’ve been divorced for a year doesn’t mean you’re ready to start dating again.

According to Divorce Magazine, “[I]f you don’t take the time to know what you want, you won’t recognize it when you find it, or you’ll waste your time by looking in the wrong place or at the wrong people.” Being sure of yourself, and what you want, will give you the best chance at another shot at love.

While divulging every detail of your relationship history on a first date isn’t advisable, you’ve been through a lot, and talking about it — in due time — is good, and healthy.

Divorce support groups can be a good sounding board as you begin dating.

Counseling can also be helpful if you’re still having difficulty with self-reflection and to discuss your concerns with starting to date.

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