How to get private chat in imlive with no credit

Which is slightly more generous but the stress the model has to go through with members begging to see ###, show tits etc.

Does not really warrant the extra 5% IMLIVE generously allots the more out going models.

She can barely afford to eat let alone pay rent and has to walk miles to college as cant afford bus fare. the support people - yet they denied having any control or ownership in this sites and that that they were not affiliates and to contact them directly - yet they, answered the emails!!! While I am no fan of Jasmine, had no such issues with them.

Found no "private" images shared with affiliates, and all Jasmine account related stuff seemed to be continued on their site.anyone know who i can write too too turn in the staff of imlive who the models deal with on a reg like cs and host rep I have tons of proof of them not doing there job and not allowing certain host too make money As a Studio Owner.

But for now, I deal with it, and hope that someday it will get better. Please help They don´t want send me my earnings and I do not understand why.

Blocking a members IP will not stop that member from visiting your page unless they have a 'Static IP' address. Not sure what is the best control authority for such fraud but maybe you know..thanks for help.

I told this to cs, but they say they have no proof..COM everyone is free to simply call their Credit card issuer and simply ask for their money back.When in fact Imlive knows there is no one to report them to keep them honest so they say it's a CB and pocket the money. IMLIVE is so greedy that they have models do what is known as happy hour where a bunch of men get in the room with a webcam model and take turns commanding her to do sexual acts such as penetrate herself or strip etc all for 7 dollars that hour when the least they can make is 2 dollars a minute.They treat you like crap, ignore your concerns, take 65 to 70% of your cash, and are probably laughing at us while belittling us. Im live did the same thing to me and they kicked me out because i said i was going to sue them and the best act to take is to get a lawyer who has delt with this before and sue them not only for the money the stole but for the time u wasted on there site teasing perves if u want to get a petition on imlive i will sign it and so will 1000 of other girl to get that site shut down or to pay us at least 5000 what they made of a girl in just a few months I agree. I also know that this person is another host here, as they accidently logged in one day, under there acct name, so i searched the site to see what i would find.Now heres how I know for sure, its a host, when this all started, it was 2ppl every night that came in talking ###, saying the same things over and over again, then about 3ms ago, it became just one person.

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