Live xrated video chat

The style looks and has the feel of an Instagram or other photo sharing style apps.

You can follow other people and be notified when they start a live stream.

– Live me advertises itself as the number 1 way to watch live streaming videos with video chat.

With the growth of the app by Twitter called Periscope and also Facebook live video status updates, now is the time to get on the mainstream media train when it comes to live streaming apps.

Though a town hall could get risky for a candidate; randomly picking someone from the audience to join in your live chat could tempt some users to risk violating Instagram’s community standards and pull some chatroulette-style X-rated pranks.

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You can see who follows them or find new people to follow based off other users preferences.

It appears they took a jab at the photo sharing app.

Live me however being the one app it appears they have put the most time into for all the features available.

Once a live stream is started you can hear and see whatever they are streaming and are able to make comments, and share stickers at the bottom of the screen.

They advertise pretty hard the fact that they want this to be the number streaming app for celebrities by advertising ‘Connect with the top stars and become the next big viral celebrity yourself’.

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