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Williamson also produces the Sister Giant Conferences, highlighting the intersection of spirituality and politics.

When she slipped into the coma that almost killed her-- the result of taking 150 Tuinals in a hotel room in Australia-- she had a vision that Brian Jones, just six days in the ground, was beckoning her over a cliff. When she opened her eyes in a hospital room six days later, Mick said, "Marianne, we thought we'd lost you." In that milky voice that was already starting to curdle, the first thing she said to him was, "Wild horses couldn't drag me away." That's the thing about pretty faces. We don't expect them to belong to the fighters-- the junkies and monks and cockroaches who'll survive every atomic bomb and suicide attempt and outlive us all.Both implicitly and explicitly, it's a ballad of wasted genius.It's one of the last songs to bear Hardin's name-- he was dead of an overdose a little over a year after the record came out.The new-wave-tinged title track evokes the anxious, prickling paranoia of the Cold War, a chillingly grim cover of "Working Class Hero" longs for the counterculture's idealistic faith in individuality, and the excellent "Brain Drain" ("Got so much to offer/ But I can't pay the rent/ I can't buy you roses 'cause the money's all spent") captures the hopelessness of the junkie's lifestyle.A rapidly deteriorating Tim Hardin co-wrote the lyrics on that last one with Faithfull and Brierley on a debauched trip to Antigua.

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    Much of the TV dialogue is taken unchanged from the novels, but to quote just one line won’t cause any sides to split. kind.’It’s the cumulative effect of these touches that his fans treasure.

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