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Do you get to keep any kind of toe in the mothership show? And then, ideally, the show will develop its own legs and have its own identity. So she's there for the right reasons, and she's great.I mean, this sounds probably somewhat cliché, but we want to do that thing where we can introduce the show in a way that if you're not a fan of "The Blacklist," you can watch it, and if you are a fan of "The Blacklist," it will have more sort of tidbits for you that you'll recognize and things like that. Is the show sort of built for her to bring her own version of electricity in a way that "The Blacklist" was for James Spader?With the espionage aspect, how have you gotten to broaden your skill set, physically? I have spoken to FBI, but I've never spoken to, like, a real NSA guy, or a CIA guy, or a real-type spy.What are the fun things that you're going to be able to do with your character that you haven't maybe had room in "the Blacklist"? The closest I came was one of my parents' neighbors, actually: her husband was a spy, was a real, actual spy.After Adam (Justin Long) gets a call from his ex-girlfriend Allison (Cobie Smulders) telling him she is getting married, Adam realizes he is just not ready to say goodbye.Against the advice of his best friend Mark (John Cho), Adam decides to drive back home to San Francisco to attend the wedding in hopes of convincing himself and everyone else, including her charming fiancé Aaron (Ryan Hansen), that he is truly happy for her.Moviefone: It must be a fun experience for you to see the world of "The Blacklist" get bigger, and to be right at the heart of that expansion.What got you excited about the prospect of doing this?

If we could get into that, then it's not like we'd be getting into brand-new territory, but we'd getting into a genre that I think hasn't been really explored so much recently. What's that element that keeps it firmly in the franchise? First, the question of Scottie and Tom, whether or not she's his mother -- it comes out at the beginning that she is, and we think that's the truth, and I think that may end up sticking to be the truth. But the thing that makes that -- "The Blacklist" work, and the thing that this will carry over that I really love is the thematic juxtaposition of discovering one's humanity and empathy, and connecting with other human beings and wanting relationships, and wanting love and these fundamental human principles, juxtaposed with violence and deception, and corruption and conspiracy, and power and all of that.

After a series of embarrassing, hilarious, and humbling situations, Adam discovers the comedy in romance, the tragedy of letting go and the hard truth about growing up.

Fans of "The Blacklist" got a glimpse at new corners of the covert thriller's expanded world last season, when Ryan Eggold's Tom Keen (or whatever his name actually might be) encountered private mercenary contractor Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen), a formidable, shadowy force in her own right and the woman who may or may not be Tom's birth mother.

And I think on "The Blacklist," the dynamic between the two of them will be focused like it is between Red and Liz. They want to write a great character for her, and she wants to help create it, and she's going to kill it!

I imagine going to work on "The Blacklist," surrounded by great actors, must have been a little bit of a free Master Class, being paid to watch Spader play Red.

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