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Newcastle is also infamous for its many stag and hen-friendly pubs and clubs, so please look elsewhere on Fridays and Saturdays.From our own experience - and we've all been on a hen or stag party ourselves - it's a bit daft to bring a group of friends who want to chat, catch-up and get hammered to a place where they are expected to sit quietly and watch a show.Particular emphasis is placed on the experiences of the women involved in prostitution, highlighting the poverty, exploitation and abuse they faced, but also the ways in which they negotiated these dangers.This social history of prostitution maps how the organisation, policing and experiences of prostitution developed in an ever-changing urban landscape during a period of extraordinary developments in technology and entertainment, alongside the wider socio-economic changes brought about by the First World War.Sex for Sale in Scotland examines the various formal and informal methods that were used to police female prostitution in Edinburgh and Glasgow between 19 and explores how these policies influenced women’s lives.The book uses a rich combination of police, probation, magistrates’, poor law and voluntary organisations’ records to demonstrate how these organisations combined to establish a ‘penal-welfare’ approach towards regulating prostitution in Scotland.We'd love to welcome you here some other time when you're not mashing your liver in celebration of your best mate getting hitched.

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And of course we know that as individuals you are all lovely responsible people who wouldn't dream of giving us grief, but we also know when you all get together it can be a nightmare for the rest of our customers.

We see their reasons for working in prostitution, its impact and how this was often compounded by the efforts of those determined to prevent it.

there's plenty better places to do it in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

By mapping the geography of prostitution, the book argues that prostitution was not forced into the outskirts of society, either physically or socially.

The book examines both indoor and outdoor prostitution and the relationships that developed among the wide range of people who profited from commercial sex.

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