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Domestic Violence is very serious and help is there just for the asking!These statistics are frightening and they are only some of the statistics.These victims are also more likely to become sufferers of intimate partner violence as adults. Following are two lists, one of healthy relationship characteristics and one of unhealthy traits. The point of this exercise is to figure out what in your relationship is healthy or unhealthy and you can gain appreciation and decide what you want to change. PACT5 was started by students and faculty in 5 universities: Rowan University (NJ), California State University at Northridge, Western State Colorado University, Northern Illinois University, and Framingham State University (MA).Reaching out to others and seeking support can be a huge help in recovering from the effects of relationship violence.

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Anonymous reports of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking to the Title IX Coordinator must include your name.

It involves a pattern of behavior in which someone tries to control and exert power over a current or former partner. You may begin to believe that you deserve the abuse or that the situation is hopeless.

It can include emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. This is perfectly normal and natural, but You may recognize some of the behaviors below; these are done in an effort to gain power and control over your life.

Abuse shapes and defines society, the lives of victims, and the lives of abusers. The media, entertainment, and sports industries all reinforce this acceptability. It is important to note that we still do not understand much about men experiencing domestic violence.

We can more easily address war crimes or assaults in our streets than those same types of crimes perpetrated in our homes. Hitting, shoving, and other forms of physical abuse. Social norms emphasize both that men are supposed to be "strong" - and therefore cannot be abused - and that women are supposed to be "weak" - and therefore cannot abuse.

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