Shahid priyanka dating problems with dating a married woman

Shahid Kapoor has been in the news for his affairs with Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.Time and again, he had hit the bold headlines, post his break up with the two beauties.After dating Kareena Kapoor, Shahid was dating Priyanka Chopra for almost an year or so.The two were even staying in the same apartment but different floors which led to them getting even more close.Priyanka’s success in her career is something we can all see, but her relationship has been a mystery. When asked about her relationship with her co-stars in the movie industry, she said they were either married or in a serious relationship.She has also decided to only speak about her relationship when she has a ring on her finger. There is no rumor linking her with any guy, at least for now.The India beauty has big eyes for success and the strength to make things happen.She is an actress, film producer, and a philanthropist.

In fact, she is the highest paid entertainer in India.

Their job made them relocate from one part of India to the other and this made her change school regularly.

Priyanka said she liked the idea of changing location and school.

In her musical career, she has worked with international music stars like Pitbull.

The India beauty queen was honored with the most prestigious beauty award.

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