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Such a rare treat should have been spread over six episodes at least.At the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York, Nicole Kidman praises her mother and husband, Congresswoman Maxine Waters says U. president Donald Trump is "dangerous," and model Gigi Hadid states it's OK to not feel strong every day. 15) Actor Anthony Edwards has revealed that he is a survivor of sexual assault.Think about how boring a programme called Masterclass In Diplomacy would be, and you’ll understand what dull fare this was.Steve Pemberton, who plays fey Georgie Pillson, condensed this three-part adaptation from a series of six books by novelist E. Benson, and the show’s only fault is that so much has been crammed into each episode.Nobody ever decked Noel, shouting: ‘You frightened the life out of me, you bearded twerp!’ That’s because he was on television, and another great tradition insists that we must all be on best behaviour when the cameras are around.Whatever the reason, they’ve been doing a lot of ‘solo projects’ lately.And that’s a shame, because on their long-running property show Location, Location, Location, they bring out the best in each other. He needed some zesting, as he offered advice to a couple in Hereford whose home seemed designed to induce migraines.

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Learn More View All Case Studies Whether you have multiple locations, road warriors, or employees working from home (even some of the time), you need a communications solution that treats you all as part of the same company.

The walls were luminous crimson and electric green, while the carpet had apparently been painted by Salvador Dali under the influence of hallucinogenics.‘I think your carpet is quite niche,’ Phil said tactfully.

This would have been funny if Kirstie had been running in circles behind him, clutching her temples and frothing at the mouth.

(C4) took both these traditions and wrung from them every ounce of advantage.

Phil was lurking around corners and lunging from behind parked cars like Keith Chegwin after a jumbo can of energy drink, and his startled victims had to smile and slap their thighs.

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