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It’s one part self-preservation, and two parts making your life--and usually their life-- easier in the long run.And usually, no matter how many times we’ve had our heart broken, we’re always trying to make the process easier. There’s bound to be some embarrassment, anger, a bit of relief and a lot of grief. A: It really all depends on what band/singer is my current obsession. And then there’s some Kesha, some Selena Gomez, and of course, T-Swift. And other Girl Power singers/bands like the ones Arica mentioned.Maybe it’s by making sure that we’re the dumper and not the dumpee, or maybe it’s by stockpiling all the breakup advice we can find. A: Having someone to talk to at any given moment, about any given thing.No matter your situation, chances are that if you’re reading this article, you need a little help. Our (begrudgingly) self-proclaimed breakup experts, Arica and Molly, are here to help you get over this breakup and get back on your feet again. Of course not, unless you consider our certification by the School of Life, and the fact that Arica has a Pinterest board on the subject- Molly’s is hidden from public view. It’s good to have a partner who’s your friend, but there’s also a reason why you shouldn’t make them your best friend. Anything that reminds you of your home is especially good after a breakup, but also, keep everything in moderation. Arica: If you’re able and alone, I highly suggest crying.

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