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“Welp one group decided to bring swastika flags because I saw multiple on streams,” wrote one user.Much of the discussion was centered around how the event would look to the outside world.Keeping these particular symbols of white supremacy out of sight at the rally was part of a strategy to win more followers.

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Reveal could not independently verify the authenticity of the messages.

A representative from Unicorn Riot, a media outlet that has been has been deeply critical of far-right movements, said that he had seen white supremacist chat rooms in the Discord app while participants were still actively chatting.

A reporter for Wired magazine confirmed with a prominent Unite the Right organizer that a first batch of messages and recordings published on Unicorn Riot appeared authentic.

The organizers advised falling back on the self-defense defense.

“If you find yourself confronted by Antifa,” one user wrote, “Remeber (sic) you ‘Felt your life threatened’ and do not try to justify anything you did to the cops.” Neither Kessler nor Mosley responded to requests for comment. Within three minutes the statue was ours and Antifa was running scared.” Users expressed concerns about antifa doing everything from tipping over portable bathrooms while rally attendees were inside to spraying super soakers filled with gasoline at them while they carried lit tiki torches. “If anybody is scared of a conflict with antifa,” wrote one user, “youre (sic) probably in the wrong place.” “I feel like antifa are less likely to fuck with us if we’re armed to the teeth,” added another.

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